Speaking history

⛵️ Hoist the sails, we have TailwindCSS!

Presented 14 September 2020 @ women.code(be)

In this lightning talk of 15 minutes I introduce TailwindCSS. While most CSS frameworks provide pre-designed components , Tailwind CSS provides utility classes to style your frontend components from scratch. I show how to use it to build custom, responsive and maintainable designs without having to write CSS.

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🕹 Pacman VR in Vue

Presented 27 February 2020 @ women.code(be)

A lot of people have played the game Pacman before. But with the rising popularity of VR, how would it be to build a Pacman VR? Is it even possible to have a playable version on mobile? In this 40 minutes talk I dive into some history of Pacman and how it's linked to arcade gaming for women. After that I explain how I built a VR version of the popular arcade game with the help of Vue and A-frame.

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